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Data Management Services

Data Management is a critical activity in an organization. With the proper use of data businesses can identify the weak links, leverage on strong points and focus on essentials. It’s a time consuming activity and needs to be accurate. So many organizations outsource their Data processing and management activity.

We offer excellent data processing and management services. With a team of data analysts, data processors and data entry specialists, we are able to perform error-free data management services.

Some of our services are,

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1.Data Processing

  1. Any business generates huge chunk of data with valuable information. The generated data needs to be processed to extract findings, trends and other business critical information. A small coffee shop generates data like peak hours, non peak hours, top selling, least selling etc. The Owner of the shop processes the data informally and uses it to improve his business.We specialize in all 3 formats of data processing activities. The data plays a pivotal role in the success of all new age online businesses. They process the data to target audience, product, gender, country etc.Data Research and Analysis is an important function of data processing. It requires systematic approach to the data gathered for accurate analysis. We have been helping the following business types on data processing
    • E-Com Websites
    • Market Research Companies
    • Financial Services
    • Insurance
    • Retail Intelligence Companies

2.Data Mining

As the word represents it’s mining the required information from a ocean of data. Data mining is the process of analyzing the data from different perspective and summarizing it into useful information can be used to increase revenue or to cut down or both.

Data mining is primarily used by companies with a strong consumer focus especially the retail, communication and marketing organizations. It enables the companies to determine relationship among the “internal” factors like price, product positioning, or staff skills, and other “external” factors such as economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics. This enables them to determine its impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and on corporate profits. By data mining companies can understand about historical patterns and future trends. For example, summary information on retail supermarket sales can be analyzed in the light of promotional efforts to provide knowledge of consumer buying behavior. Data mining includes the main five elements

  • Extracting, transforming and loading the data onto the data warehouse system.
  • Storing and managing the data in a multidimensional database system.
  • Providing data access to business analysts and information technology professionals.
  • Analyzing the data by application software.
  • Presentation of the data in any useful format, such as a graph or table etc as requited.

3.Data conversion

We provide wide range of data conversion services. The data conversion is required to be performed as the data needs to be on ja specific format to make full use of it. It can be a hand written content, audio content, Video content, Images, Printed material etc. We use technology for data conversion for speed and accuracy.

We perform the following data conversion services

  • Data Digitization
  • Extract data from Images
  • HTML conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • Electronic Documents Management (EDM)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We use both technology and human skills to perform various data conversion services. We follow high standards in data management and data protection noems.